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Why Joint Venture With Grace Charles Property?

Joint Venture 1

Investment across the UK

Joint Venture 2

Bespoke Joint Ventures

Joint Venture 3

Proven high Returns on investment

Portfolio Builder

New to property? Experienced investor? Want to grow your property portfolio but are struggling to gain momentum? Here at Grace Charles Property we simply buy cheap, gain maximum sustainable rent & recycle your deposit to buy more properties.
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Fixed Returns

We offer a fixed return for a set period, which gives you, the investor the peace of mind knowing exactly what return you are getting & when. With a company guarantee & 2nd over one of our properties your funds are safe & secure. Invest and receive a guaranteed fixed rate of return.
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We’ve now started to expand, offering franchisees the ability to leverage our brand, methods, ethos & attitude toward excellent results. Investors can now look to alternative locations across the UK for joint ventures, knowing the franchisee is local and can deliver exactly what if offered.
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